INSNET, Spring 1999


By Pat Wyckoff

The Book and Journal Depository continues to be an active and successful program, sending many shipments of donated books to developing countries.

We would like to acknowledge the following persons for generous donations this last quarter:

Muriel Lezak, Ph.D. Bernice Mareopulos, Ph.D. Leonard Diller, Ph.D. Jason Brandt, Ph.D. Lidia Artiola, Ph.D. Karen Wills, Ph.D.

Bernice Marcopulos served diligently as Program Director of the Book and Journal Depository and is largely responsible for its immense growth and outreach over the years, has decided to resign from the position because of family and professional commitments. I will now assume the position of Director. A smooth transition is expected.

We are always looking for more Regional Coordinators, particularly in the Midwest of the USA and Canada. If you are interested in helping this project please contact me. Please send donations of books and journals, no older than 10 to 15 years to the following address:

Patricia Wyckoff, Ph.D.

15 King Arthur Way

Mansfield, MA 02048 Tel (508) 337-6127


Useful and Interesting Internet Web Sites

If you are interested in worldwide news and have access to the Internet, checkout the following Web Site: http://www.newsmax.coni/links.shtml If you know of other Web Sites that might be of interest to neuropsychology colleagues worldwide, send them to us and we will post them.


INS 22nd Mid-Year Meeting

June 23-26, 1999 in Durban, South Africa. Contact the INS Executive Secretary's Office for more information: Tel (614)

263-4200, Fax (614) 263-4366, Email: osu Website:

INS 28th Annual Meeting

February 9-12, 2000 in Denver, Colorado at the Adams Mark Hotel. Deadline for submissions is June 4, 1999. Contact the INS Executive Secretary's Office for more information.

6th Latin American Congress of Neuropsychology - October 17-20, 1999 at the Centro de Convenciones Plaza Am6rica, Varadero, Cuba. Deadline for submissions is March 30 1999. Information and Registration available from the President of the Congress, Dr. Marai A. Bobes Leon, Centro de Neurociencias de Cuba, Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cientificas, Ave 25 y 158 Cubanacin, Playa. Apartado Postal 6880, La Habana,Cuba.

Tel 53.7.336568.217442 Fax 53.7.336321.336707

Research Interest -Dr. Kailash Tuli from New Delhi, India is looking for colleagues interested in researching the temporary or permanent neuropsychological effects of viewing violence and horror in the media. If you are interested in discussing this topic or collaborating with this type of research, please contact Dr. Kailash Tuli at: 9-A, SFS (DDA) Flats, Motia Khan, Associate Professor of Psychology, UNIVERSITY OF DELHI (ZHC), New Delhi- I 10 055, INDIA, TEL or FAX 91.11.751.4336.

International Liaison Committee

Lidia Artiola, Chairperson

Amy Marshall, Project Coordinator 6147 E. Grant Road

Tucson, AZ 85712, USA Tel (520) 290-1700 Fax (520) 290-1102


Lloyd Cripe, Editor of INSNET P.O. Box 2257

Sequim, WA 98382 USA Tel (360) 683-7883 Fax (360) 683-8545


Pat Wyckoff, Book Depository

15 King Arthur Way

Mansfield, MA 02048 Tel (508) 337-6127


Debora Scheffel, Support Consultants

Fort Hays State University, Special Ed.

600 Park Street Hays, KS 67601

Tel (785) 628-5850 Fax (785) 628-4077


John Woodard, ILC Promotions

Memory Assessment Clinic

One Park Place South, Suite 801 Atlanta, GA 30303

Tel (404) 651-0435 Fax (404) 651-0441 Email:

Irene Meyer de Taussik, Latin America

Paunero 1752

Buenos Aires 1640 Argentina


Donald Yeo, Asia

The Brain Centre

Singapore General Hospital

Outram Road

Singapore 169608

Tel 65.326.5576 Fax 65.220.3321


Andrei Dumbrava, East Europe

Al. V.Alecsandri 8 E A2 RO-6600 Iasi Roniania