INSNET, Spring 1999



By Lidia Artiola, Chairperson

The LANGUAGE PROGRAM is evolving. In response to feedback from overseas colleagues who are interested in collaborating with neuropsychologists from English speaking countries, the Language Editing Program has become the Support Consultant Program. A Support Consultant works collaboratively with an overseas colleague interested in publishing in an English language journal. For example Support Consultants may provide assistance in areas of design, methodology, or statistics in exchange for coauthorship. They may assist the principle investigator with the identification of resources, such as measures or relevant literature, in addition to providing language editing feedback. Anyone who is interested in volunteering as a Support Consultant, or who wishes to collaborate with one, send complete contact information including your name, postal address, phone, fax, email address, and if applicable, the topic of your research and/or second language fluency, to Lidia Artiola. In particular, we wish to extend an invitation to all of those who had previously volunteered as Language Editors to participate in this new program.

A WORKING VACATION is a way to contribute. Researchers who are planning to travel abroad and would like to make themselves available to give a talk for overseas colleagues, should send relevant information to Lloyd Cripe to be printed in an upcoming issue of INSNET Be sure to include your destinations, dates of travel, proposed topic(s), and complete contact information.

Likewise, if you would like to provide an overseas neuropsychologist with the opportunity to give a talk on his or her area of expertise while visiting your region, contact Lloyd Cripe, being sure to include some brief information about your department.

Over the last six months, the BOOK & JOURNAIL DEPOSITORY has been very active. Sizable donations were sent to programs in Romania, Poland and Uganda.

What made these shipments possible has been the generosity of those who have sent donated materials. On behalf of all recipient programs, our heartfelt thanks to each of you for making a difference.

It is with regret that we say goodbye to Bernice Mucopulos who must step down as Director of the Book & Journal Depository. Dr. Marcopulos worked tirelessly to take the Depository from a simple idea to a viable program which has made a tangible impact on the professional lives of a number of our colleagues from developing regions. Under her leadership, the Depository has sent much needed materials to 5 universities around the world. Ironically, it was the very success of this program that played a role in Dr. Marcopulos' decision to step down. As more and more donations flowed in to her office, hospital administration, responding to complaints from busy mail room staff, suggested she find another location at which to receive materials. Without other storage options, she decided to pass the torch. We offer our sincere thanks to Dr. Marcopulos for the dedication and commitment she brought to this program.

We extend an enthusiastic welcome to Pat Wyckoff as the new Director of the Book & Journal Depository. Dr. Wyckoff is stepping-up. Her previous involvement in ILC activities was as a Regional Coordinator (Northeast) for the Book & Journal Depository. Dr. Wyckoff not only brings with her a strong commitment to the work of the Depository and new ideas to launch the program into its next phase, but she also

tells us that she has ample storage space! All donations and requests for applications should be directed to Dr. Wyckoff.

INSNET is reaching out. We always appreciate getting feedback from colleagues around the world. It helps us to better address the needs of the international community of neuropsychologists. Below is an excerpt from a letter sent to us from one reader:

"On behalf of the Romanian Psychologists' Association, I would like to express my gratitude for sending us INSNET, which really is an efficient vehicle of worldwide communication in the field. In the last INSNET number (Fall, 1997) 1 highly appreciate you included the sensitive and accurate comment done by Ms. Helen Mullaney on some difficulties of Neuropsychology in East Europe (Romania itself is a Central-East European country) and the 'ways to help' she proposed. Publishing such a papers you effectively contribute to make things going better in the field."

We encourage you to write to us. Let us know how we are doing, offer your ideas (especially if you wish to help implement them!), make suggestions about how we might improve one of our programs or simply tell us how one of our programs may have assisted you and/or your colleagues. Send correspondence to the INSNET Editor, Lloyd Cripe or the ELC Chairperson, Lidia Artiola.


We want INSNET to be a broad vehicle for information exchange. If you have ideas, research projects, questions or comments of international interest, as well as discussions of your regions, let us know by sending them for review and potential publication.