The International Liaison Committee Addresses for the ILC members are:

Lidia Artiola, Ph.D., Chair (North America)

5930 East Pima Street, suite 208, Tucson, AZ 85712, USA

Tel (520) 290-1700 Fax (520) 290-1102


Jelle Joiles, Ph.D. (Europe) Cap. Ydin. Psychiatrie

Rijksuniversiteit Limburg P.O. Box 616

NL-6200 MD Maastficht The Netherlands

Tel 043-633444 Ext 2124


Lic. Irene Meyer de Taussik (Latin America) Pauncro 1752

Buenos Aires 1640 Argentina

Vicki Anderson, Ph.D. (Asia-Pacific Rim) Dept. of Psychology

University of Melbourne Parkvilic 3052, Victoria Australia

Tel 61-3-344-6889 Fax 61-3-347-661 8 Email

Victor NelL Ph.D. (Af6ca-Nfiddle East) NCOH Building

25 Hospital Street PO Box 4788

2000 Johannesburg, South Africa Tel (O II) 725 1320 Fax (O I 1) 725 6641

Email v3Onell@ptsmaii.ptsem.odu

You are encouraged to contact regional representatives or the Chairperson to share or request information about your region..


INSNET AVAILABLE TO ALL - If you are not a member of INS or know of a colleague anywhere in the world who might benefit from the newsletter, contact Lidia Artiola for placement on the mailing list.

MEMBERSRW HELP -Professionals who cannot afford INS membership because of extreme financial hardship should contact the Executive Secretary of INS for information: Tel (614) 263A200.

CONSULTANTS & EDUCATORS NEEDED - Bilingual consultants and educators are needed to consult and lecture in various countries. Please contact Kathe6ne Vance, Ph.D. for information: Email : tibet@azstamet.r-om


The depository project began April 1995. Notices were sent to INS members requesting donations of neuropsychology books and journals to be distributed to programs in countries with limited support. To date, we received requests from seven programs, and we are processing our first shipment to the Department of Psychology at the Durban- Westville University in Durban, South Africa. After this shipment the list will be updated and sent to other programs to select the items they need for training, research, and clinical service.

Donations were received from the following 17 persons. Our thanks for their generosity:

N.L. Adam, Ph.D.

Carol Anmtrong, Ph.D.

Lidia Artiola y Fortuny, Ph.D. Jason Brand@ Ph.D.

Catherine Clodfelter, Ph.D. Sylvia Doss, Ph.D.

Marla Hemberger, Ph.D.

GaU S. HochanadeL Ph.D. Dr. Marit Korlanan

Bernice A. Marcopulos, Ph.D. Robin Murray, Ph.D. Kevin O'Brien, Ph.D.

Justine Joan Sheppard, Ph.D. Elisabeth Sherman, Ph.D. Paul A. Spelm, Ph.D. A.M. Weber, Ph.D. Dr. Jane Willianis

We continue to solicit requests from programs wanting to receive books and journals. Send information regarding programs in need. Priority is given to programs with formal training in neuropsychology and demonstrated funding problems.

We need more donations, because we do not have sufficient materials for all the deserving programs. Only send neuropsychologv relaed books and journals no older than 15 years. We will send a receipt for your tax records and publish your name in INSNET. We urge INS members to contribute to this very worth while project.

If you have donations for this depository contact:

Bernice Marcopolous, Ph.D. Div. of Behavioral Medicine, Westeni State Hospital, Box 2500, Stauntoii, VA 24402-2500. Tel (540) 332-8391; Fax (540) 332-8065-, bam8v@vir&


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INS 25th Annual Meeting

February 5-8, 1997, Orlando, Floriti;i, USA, For information contact the INS L-'xccutivc Secretary's Office, Tel (614) 2634'@00, FaN (614) 263-4366,

Email osu-ins@postbox.acs.ohio-stittc.c,:,.

INS 20th Annual Mid-Year Meeting June 25-28, 1997, Bergen, Norway. Contact the INS Office for information

Fifth European Congress of Psychology July 6-11, 1997, Dublin, Ireland. Secreta6at Tel 353 1 668 5442, Fax 353 1 668 5226 Email psi@iol.ic